Be Prepared for Emergencies with Sentina 24

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Emergency Power and Light in One Handy Device!

Be prepared for emergencies or blackouts with the Sentina 24, a combination of our best selling intelligent smart light with our reliable mobile battery back up. When the device detects a blackout, the ultra bright LED light automatically turns on and once unplugged, can be used as a flashlight to get around the dark for 24 hours. What’s more, Sentina 24 can also provide peace of mind as it lets you stay connected with loved ones and emergency services by charging your smartphone when you run out of battery.

Sentina 24 – an emergency ready multi-functioning device that’s worth having in every home or office

New from Datexx: Stay Safe on the Road with the AccuAir Digital Tire Gauge

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A Summer Break Must Have!

Datexx’s new AccuAir Digital Tire Gauge (AA-48) is the must have safety item while on the road. This multi-function product is the one-stop life-saving tool for your car and RV. Not only does it check your tire pressure to ensure proper function, comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety, it has built-in tools to avoid entrapment and assist with emergencies.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and keep the AccuAir Digital Tire Gauge in your vehicle!

The Best Father’s Day Gift for BBQ Enthusiasts – In Stock Now!

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fathers day

Just in time to get the Summer going, Datexx’s BB-77 is the perfect Father’s Day promotion for BBQ lovers. No more hovering around the grill watching the meat – just set Grilliant to the desired meat and how it should be cooked, then get back to watching the game. Grilliant will conveniently notify Dad on his smartphone when the meat is ready and feasting can begin.

With the BB-77, Dads can do what they enjoy on their special day – grill the perfect steak while relaxing around the house!

We’re Expanding our Categories!

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Datexx is happy to announce our expansion into new product categories. We are bringing new ideas to you and your customers by adding Travel, Outdoor, Kitchen, and Auto items. We aim to become the one stop shop for ever changing lifestyles.

expanding categories

Let us know about your upcoming events or review schedules and we will gladly put together our proposals, along with media content, to help.

Sharing success is fun!

Light Up Your Home Smartly

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light up every dark corner

Get around your house or office without having to fumble around for light switches. Place the Sentina LED-90 in hallways, dark corners, garages – anywhere that needs a bit of brightening up. This smart light with motion sensor will detect movement in the dark and automatically illuminate your way.

No more electric sockets to spare? No problem! This DIY item runs on a set of AAA batteries which will last a whole year. Simply peel and stick wherever it’s needed.

It’s the easiest safety and energy saving DIY connected home solution.

Invest in your Corporate Image with Sentina Power Bank

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Safest and Reliable Power Bank

Datexx’s Sentina BT-2400 power bank is the perfect item for your next premium! Your customers will be pleased to receive a high quality item that can be used in their day to day lives.

The innovative Sentina line is the only reliable and safe mobile power bank on the market. With our patented SmartJack technology, our power banks can hold its charge for up to one year, giving your customers power when they need it the most. In line with our high quality standards, the integrated protection circuits prevent overloading, overcharging, and overheating of your customer’s electronic devices.

Don’t burn your relationships with second rate products. Give your customers the power that is guaranteed to work.

Do You Travel Smart?

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Do you find your mobile battery packs out of power when they’re needed the most? Do they only partially charge your tablet? Why bother carrying these second-rate battery packs around?

The PN-SP Supremo, part of Datexx’s Sentina Travel series, is the only reliable, heavy duty mobile power bank on the market that actually holds its charge for up to one year – giving you power when you need it most. Not only will it fully charge your smartphone four times, it’s also powerful enough to fully power up your tablet.

Travel smart with peace of mind – be rest assured that you won’t be caught off guard without power.

Do you need a little Zen in your life?

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Do you need a little zen in your life?

Datexx’s Zen light is a unique blend of motion and photo sensing LED light with a touch of Japanese Shoji paper to make the light easy on your eyes while warmly illuminating your room and saving energy.

Make each room a place for meditation. No need to switch on the room light – the Zen light will say hello to you automatically.

Is Your Home Safe?

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Protect your home

PM-302B, part of Datexx’s Connected Home series, will secure your home against intruders and save you energy while you’re away or asleep. Its intelligent timer with light sensor will automatically turn on your lamp at dusk and will switch off after your selected 4, 8, or 12 hours. No programming needed!

Maintain your peace of mind whether you’re home or away with this smart, money saving tool.

Your Pocket Financial Advisor

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DH-170FS is a financial planning calculator that doesn’t require a degree in finance to operate! Easily and quickly assess the financial numbers you need using this simple tool so you can focus on the decisions at hand rather than the calculations!

It’s your pocket financial advisor to help make sound profit decisions. Perfect for Real Estate Agents, Loan Brokers, Car Salesmen, Sales Agencies, and more!