Datexx Time Cubes Make Learning Easier!

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Time Cubes are loved by parents and teachers to make learning a fun activity for children. With the Time Cubes, math drills are no longer daunting, but simple! Learning becomes a fun game with the simplest time coach.

We will be showing our beloved Time Cubes at the upcoming ECRM Educational Show in Georgia. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Teledex 2017 New Lifestyle Solutions

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Happy 2017!  Let’s plan new and exciting ideas for your busy customers!

We have plenty of success to share with you and would love to customize our program to fit your base:

Fitness   Cooking   Learning   Smart Home   Kitchen   Auto Safety   Weather & Time   Money Management

Visit us at CES! Teledex will be exhibiting there from Jan 5-8th, 2017 at South Hall 36158.

Teledex CES 2017 Preview – Time Cubes for Cooking

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Another popular way our Time Cubes are used is for cooking! Whether it helps you boil the perfect egg, or it helps you perfectly time a complex recipe on multiple burners or in the oven, the Time Cube is without a doubt the perfect companion to help monitor your culinary masterpiece!

Teledex CES 2017 Preview – Time Cubes for Learning

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What’s another popular way for our customers to use the Time Cube? For learning! The Time Cube is the perfect tool for parents and teachers to instill the importance of time management. From basic hygiene, playtime, homework, or class challenges, the Time Cube can help empower all children and students, in a simple, fun, and colorful way!


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We’ve revamped our Facebook site over the past few weeks with tons of great images, promotions, and videos of our hot products!

Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest news! We’ll be continuously adding new lifestyle posts and money and time saving ideas that you can use to help deliver to your customers.

Teledex CES 2017 Preview – Time Cubes for Fitness

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Datexx’s Time Cube is a perennial hit with our customers. How are they using them? One popular way is for fitness! From fitting in some quick exercise between meetings, to high intensity interval training (HIIT), or timing a thorough workout routine – the Time Cube is a versatile tool to get people moving.

Datexx’s Advanced Tools for Schools

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Datexx’s TrackBack Calculators, Scientific Calculators, and TimeCubes make learning fun and easy for students of all grades!

With our smart and innovative learning tools, we can help empower classrooms while upgrading your TI margins to make full profits! It’s a no-brainer!

[click image below for our school catalog]

Learning Tools

Want to see some samples or more info for evaluation? Let us know!

Todd – The Online Mogul with Datexx’s TrackBack Calculators

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Datexx’s TrackBack calculators are the perfect tool to help customers become their own online sales expert. With just 3 keys, customers can easily calculate cost, profit, and margin – letting them make important business decisions quicker than others.

Check out the YouTube video below to see how Todd became an online mogul with our TrackBack calculator!

The TrackBack is a great investment tool for customers. See how it positively impacts your volume and bottom line, too!

Welcoming the New Drop Ship Economy – Save Time! Save Money!

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Datexx is ready to create more profit for your Drop Ship program! Our up to date program will make big difference to you and your customers.

Click the banner below to check out the details of our updated program, and take a look at our dropship price list, as well.

Visit Teledex at the CES show in Las Vegas Jan 5-8, 2017 at South Hall  36158

TELEDEX 2017 CES Vegas – Visit Us at South Hall 36158!

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Customers with busy lifestyles need the right tools to simplify their lives while still having fun. We are up to the challenge to offer a comprehensive plan to you and your customers. Our plan is already a success and we look forward to sharing it with you.

[Click image below for plan details]


We would like to invite you to visit us at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas from Jan 5-8, 2017! Teledex will be exhibiting at South Hall #36158

We welcome your ideas! See you in Vegas!