For Back-to-School Success, Become a Blockhead

A complete range of Datexx TimeCube timers improve student productivity and focus. And grades!

KENILWORTH, NJ (DATE) – With the school year upon us, parents across the country are looking for ways to keep their kids on the path to academic achievement. Experts agree that time management is one of the keys to success. And a new tool from the innovative engineering team at Datexx is making that happen for families and students across the country.

The “Datexx TimeCube is a wonderful tool! It keeps me and the family on track and focused!” said Alicia Torres, mother of two from Albuquerque. “I love this so much we have two of them.”

The TimeCube is set by simply rotating it to the desired time, so there’s no need to fuss around adjusting a knob. It comes in 10 different colors with various timer options appropriate for students at any grade level.

According to Heather Olsen in Milwaukee, “What I really like is that it doesn’t tick or have any other noise going on as the time goes by. My son, who has ADHD, has found it useful just to get started on homework which is a big plus.”

Even children who know how to tell time don’t necessarily know how to measure time. Setting a timer during a block of time when they’re supposed to be completing a task has proven to be a really helpful strategy.

“Who knew that a timer could be fun enough to encourage kids to do their homework,” gushed Carolyn Levine from Houston.

Parents can also keep a clock nearby and give kids a verbal countdown as the minutes tick by so that children can begin getting an internal feel for these time segments.

“It’s useful in limiting video game time,” noted Miami homeschool mom Gina diGiacomo, “And sometimes we use if for a beat-the-clock game…. can you pickup ALL of your stuff in the living room in 5 minutes?”

Today’s families are busier than ever and kids are bombarded with distractions every minute of every day. So developing time management skills has become increasingly important.

Of course, no tool will be beneficial if it ends up getting tossed into a drawer and forgotten. Because the TimeCube is easy to use and attractive, it’s certain not to meet that fate. “I bought these for everyone in the family as I thought they are great example of how good design can make life simpler,” said San Diego mom Denise Bynum.


Datexx by Teledex is a proud family-owned company founded in 1990 in New Jersey, USA. We are an innovative consumer electronics company that has been developing and marketing attractive, high-quality products worldwide for over two decades and with over 20 million satisfied customers.

Datexx World Headquarters are located at 1 Atlas Street in Kenilworth, NJ. For additional information about the TimeCube and Datexx’s other innovative products, contact Julee Noguchi at 1-908-964-8109 or email

Review: The timers are an instrumental piece to my classroom

The timers are an instrumental piece to my classroom.  I use them on a daily basis.  I use them to time the students doing their warm-ups, picking up from the day, or packing up at the end of the day.  I also use the timers for stations, the timers let the students know when it is time to move on to the next activity.  This helps keep the classroom running smoothly and making sure that we are utilizing every available minute and that we are not running over our given time.  The timers are also used for “additional time” – if we are working on something and the students need a couple extra minutes, we use the timer to keep time.  The longer minute timers are for an entire class period – if they have an assignment that will take the entire time, I can use the 45 minute timer so the students can physically see how much time is left at a quick glance.  I LOVE these timer because they give us great increments and I’m not having to have my phone out or use stop watches – it is a very easy way to readily give a couple minutes and several minutes.  Also, the kids love the look of the timer, they think they are super fun!  They “fight” over who gets to flip the timers when they go off.

I am so excited to get timers that work properly!  Again, my classroom runs so much more smoothly when I have working timers!  We are so appreciative of your cooperation!!

Review: Thanks for making a great product.

We just want to make products that help

Bought 8 of your Sentina Night lights in 2013.
During Florence we were without electricity for 78 hours and most of them lasted at least 60 hours with two almost making the 78 hours. Great product. When they got powered back up two units stayed with the red light; one took the charge but the other one failed to light after charging. Threw those two out and bought two more to replace them. All those years without any problems and if it was not for the long outage I am sure the two units would still be going strong like the other six are doing now. Thanks for making a great product…..

Review: Only fun people should buy this

I love this thing. I’ve had it since 2011. It isn’t loud, at least as I define loud. If I’m in another part of the house, I might not hear it. But then again, if I’m going to be in another part of the house, I usually take it with me. It doesn’t weigh much or take up much space. I keep it on the window sill and plop it to the time I need set whenever I’m cooking something. I tend to get distracted by the next activity and am forever multi-tasking, so having this tool helps me enormously. Only annoying thing was not being able to set it for say 20 min, but now that they make other colors with different time ranges, I’m all set.

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Review: Handy for keeping yourself on task!

I’ve purchased three of these now – just to give you an idea of how much I like them. They’re simple to use, loud enough to hear from another room, have a countdown on the “bottom” (which becomes the side when “setting” it for one of the times), and is perfect for short tasks. I bought one of these for my niece to use so she finishes her meals in 30 minutes (she has to eat on a strict schedule bc she has Type 1 diabetes), and I use one when I’m doing hires bc I’m so easily distracted.

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Review: Awesome timer for kids!

I purchased this timer, along with a few other kinds, for use in my classroom. I teach young children with autism, and I wanted a way for the kids to regulate their time earned playing on the iPad on their own. As they get 5 minutes each, I thought this might be a good bet. (We previously used simple digital timers or “traffic light” visual timers, but they were not as well received as this one!)Not only do I love it, but my students do too! It is incredibly simple to operate, and they quickly learned how to do it themselves.

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Review: Best non-Kindle purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon

Seriously, these cubes – I have the white one that goes up to 60 minutes max, and one that’s 30 minutes max – are absolutely terrific. Nothing could be simpler – switch the cube on (I keep it turned off till ready to use and the batteries last forever), put the time limit you want on the top side of the cube, and go. And for me, that’s ‘go to sleep’. Yep, I’m one of those people who needs naps during the day, and there’s nothing better than coming home for a 50 minute lunch time, sticking something in the microwave, and setting the cube to 10 minutes for a quick nap while lunch cooks.

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