Sentina 24 Combines Smart Safety Light and Mobile Power Bank In One Simple Elegant Solution For Smart Office and Home

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Remarkable Sentina 24 LED-95 serves as motion activated spot light, emergency LED flashlight, power failure directional light, and portable mobile USB power bank

Ideal for offices, hallways, storage rooms, warehouses, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

KENILWORTH, NJ, Oct 22, 2014 — Emergency preparedness and energy conscious office managers and consumers seeking an affordably priced, ecologically advanced way to meet more of their emergency management needs should immediately visit and check out the new energy-saving Sentina 24 LED-95 LED emergency light & Power from Datexx.

Available now for immediate delivery from the new Sentina 24 LED-95 smart light & power is just that: three lights and one-year mobile power backup in one unit that has a retail price of $60.00. Fully charged to support motion, darkness, and power outage sensors, the Sentina LED-95 light simply plugs into any standard AC outlet and performs. The ultra bright natural white color LED light activates only when approached, in darkness, or in a power outage. When disconnected from the socket, the light will also perform as an emergency flashlight for up to twenty-four hours and a USB mobile charger that can fully charge iPhone or smartphone.
Patented “Smart Jack” feature blocks battery drain and keeps its charged power fully sealed in for One Year.

The Sentina 24 LED-95 is perfect for use in offices, hallways, storage rooms, warehouse, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms – literally any place where emergency lighting may become necessary on a moment’s notice. No other emergency LED light comes close to delivering this level of performance reliability — and peace of mind security— at any price!

Headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, Datexx is a leading manufacturer and marketer of innovatively designed, affordably priced consumer and business mobile power and LED lighting solutions, household, travel, mobility, and executive products that are both energy and cost efficient. For more than 20 years, the company has proudly met the needs of smart consumers seeking smarter living solutions. To date, more than 30-million consumers have joined the Datexx family of satisfied customers.

Sentina 24 Smart Travel Tool by Datexx

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Datexx Sentina 24

Travel will be easier for you and your customers with Datexx Sentina 24:

  • It provides Mobile Power to keep cell phone going nonstop
  • Serves as in-room motion lighting for safety to move around at home or hotel rooms
  • It has build in emergency protection when Power Outage occurs to give you light and power for your cell phone

Datexx Growth Plan for your stores – Mass Market

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Upgrade your real estate plan by offering new assortments customers want.

Datexx Calculators, Clocks, Mobile Power Accessories, Headsets and more to catch busy shoppers.

Here is the preview before ECRM School Show:

ECRM School Show

ECRM School Show

Social Media helper – Maximize iPhone performance

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Instage is Fun & Functional!!!

  • Increases sound intensity levels by 400%
  • No power required
  • Protects your iPhone
  • High quality silicone rubber
  • Comes in Green, Blue, Red & Black

Sentina – the Simple and Safe Smarthome Solution

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Sentina home solutions

There are plenty of Smart Home solutions currently out on the market, all involving complicated wiring, connections, and set up. Forget all of that with Sentina, Datexx’s simple and safe Smart Home line up.

It’s our DIY Smart Home solution, just plug and play. It’s motion activated, emergency ready, and charges your mobile on the run.

Datexx exclusive technology to make your home safer and smarter.

Are Your Customers Weather Ready?

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Weather Ready

When bad weather strikes, be prepared!

With the unpredicatable weather many of us have been facing lately, consumers can use all the help they can get. Fortunately, Datexx’s weather ready series will keep your customers safe with our smart power outage LED lighting, mobile powerbanks, and weather stations to monitor impending conditions.

When your power goes out, not only will our smart LED light (LED-95) be there for you automatically for 24 hours straight, it will also provide power to your smartphone so you can make sure you stay connected.

Checkout our complete line up and get your customers weather ready!

It’s Time to Order for Back to School!

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Back to school

Back To School will be here before you know it! Provide us with your BTS forecasts or get your BTS orders in with us today! The dock strike in the West Coast is affecting delivery. Avoid any other potential delays and submit your BTS orders soon.

Datexx has lots of hot selling items to meet all your Back to School electronic needs – from Fun Calculators and Scientific Calculators for math class, Time Cubes to manage homework, Headsets for audio learning, Mobile Power to keep your phone going, and much more!

Plan your mini electronics department and welcome growth!

Introducing the Grilliant (BB-77) Bluetooth Thermometer with Smartphone App!

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Introducing the Grilliant (BB-77) Bluetooth Thermometer with Smartphone App!
Throw your steak on the grill, choose how you want it, plug in Grilliant, then go hit the couch! The Grilliant will alert your smartphone when your steak is ready.
The Grilliant lets you choose the meat – beef/veal/pork/chicken/lamb, and how you want it cooked – rare/mediumrare/medium/well-done. When the meat is cooked to your liking, the BBiQ App will tell you when its time to eat!

Wouldn’t your customers love this great gift idea?


Download the BB-77 Catalog

Availabile from: May 15, 2015
Production sample: April 30, 2015
Check out our Datexx Outdoor site for other great products your customer will love!

Small Hacks, Big Success –

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Datexx Weather Station News on Premium Incentive Magazine

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Weather Station