AAA Motor Club is Now On Board With Datexx

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Datexx Welcomes AAA Motor Club!

Datexx is proud to announce that AAA Motor Club has joined the winning team! They are now offering a range of our handy tools for the home and outdoor to their members.

Are you looking for something unique for your customers? We have a wide array of hot products to fit all industries. Get in touch with us and let us know your needs!

Spend Your Money Wisely!

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Money Manager

Stop costly overdraft fees by spending what you have. Keep track of your bank balance with the DC-80, the pocket size money manager! Simply enter the amount debited or credited whenever you make a transaction and easily check your balance on the go. Review your last 100 transactions, too, and monitor how money is coming into or out of your account!

Keep track of your balance and spend your money wisely!

New From Datexx -Take the Frustration out of Calculation

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2 line calculators

New from Datexx – Shipping soon!

The 2-line Alpha Numerical calculator takes the frustration out of calculation! Review your calculation path on the 2 line screen. It remembers your numbers, tracks back, and allows corrections.

Making profit decision is simple, too! The Track Back clearly displays your values in easy to understand alpha-numerical text like: COST 100 SELL 250 MARGIN 60%

No more redoing important numbers over and over!

Datexx Fun Assortments Build Profit

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Datexx offers fun, colorful, and value added choices to complement your assortment to further expand on your success.

Let us know your review time frame and we will be there for you!

How Much Money Do I Have?

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Always know how much money you have and keep track of your balances with our DB-403 Checkbook Calculator! It’s a handy device that helps you keep track of 3 separate accounts. Stay on top of your credit and debit transactions to your bank accounts while knowing how much you’re spending with your credit card!

Avoid hefty fees – know your money and spend what you have!

Datexx Digital Tire Gauge Now Available from C.A. Short

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We are proud to announce that our digital tire gauge is now listed by C.A. Short! The All-in-One AA-48 is an innovative and valuable tool that fits C.A. Short’s customer base perfectly.

Are you looking for something unique for your customers? We have a wide array of premium ready products to fit all industries. Get in touch with us and let us know your needs!

Suceess is Simple With the Right Tips

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mass market

Catching the attention of your busy shoppers is simple. Giving them Color, Fun, and Value that they can’t pass up is the key.

Here are our assortments :

Stationery Dept : Calculators

GM Department : Clocks Mobile Power Connected Home Auto Kitchen

These have proven to be successful and profitable for retailers such as:

Publix, Albertson/Safeway, ShopRite, A&P, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Brookshire, HyVee, Woodman’s, Marc’s, HEB, Kroger, Winco, Navarro and more!

We would like the opportunity to expand our successes and submit our program for your inline or promo reviews. Can you give us a try?

Non-Stop College Life with Sentina Supremo

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guaranteed power

College Students Live a Very Busy Life…

Make sure they’re always prepared and have instant access to their online study and presentation materials, meeting agendas, and contacts with the Sentina Supremo! The Supremo gives them the backup battery power they need for their smartphone and iPad to help avoid last-minute panic due to battery drain during key meetings and presentations.

College students have enough to worry about – battery drain should not be one of them. Make sure they’re always ready with non-stop guaranteed power!

Non-Stop Guaranteed Power for New Lifestyles

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Businesses all over the world depend on communication to succeed. Business people rely on their smart devices to communicate. Without constant power, these lines of communications get cut, resulting in unnecessary and preventable inefficiencies.

Datexx’s Sentina power banks are the only reliable mobile battery charger on the market. Its patented SmartJack design will ensure it provides power in those crucial battery drain moments and it’s built to prevent damage to electronic devices from overheating or overcharging.

Keep your business going non-stop with our line up of Sentina power banks!

Branding on the Desktop

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Branding on desktop

Capture key real estate on customers’ desks with Datexx products – take a look at how TD Bank did it. Our in-house designers collaborated with the marketing department of the bank to create a TD look to fit their branding needs. It was a huge success, soon to be on TD customers’ desks!

Help your customer maximize their branding investment with our unique line-up. The possibilities are endless! Talk to us, we can make things happen!