Datexx’s New School Tools to Empower Learning

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Make learning easier with the right tools to empower learning. With Datexx’s 2 Line Calculators, teachers can help their students work backwards and learn how to detect any calculation errors on their own. With the calculators’ built-in Track Back functionality, students can easily review past entries to pin point and correct any typos or logical errors, developing the ability to problem solve and confidently tackle new challenges.

Extend Your Game Play 2 Times with Datexx’s Heavy Duty Sentina Buddy Powerbank!

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Mobile gaming is getting hotter by the minute and we all know what that means – the battery life of our smartphones just can’t keep up!

Forget worrying about battery power. Extend your game play up to 2 times with Datexx’s Buddy, a 2,400 mAh powerbank. Just plug your phone in with a USB cable and get instant power!

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Datexx also offers a heavyweight model, the Supremo 8,400 mAh powerbank, offering 4 times the playing time!

Stay on the go and never miss an opportunity to play!

Datexx’s Expanded 2 Line TrackBack Calculators Series

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The 2-Line TrackBack calculators are revolutionizing the way you calculate; making it easier, trackable, and editable. Most importantly, the TrackBack is the perfect complement to today’s new multi-tasking lifestyle, full of interruptions and distractions.
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Our original TrackBack line-up, tailored for the small business user, comes with strong track records and are already doing well with,, and other major retailers. Our new models offer the same beloved functionalities such as calculation verification and corrections on a 2-Line LCD display, but at a lower price point, perfect for the general public.  The full 2-Line TrackBack line-up will create even more demand and profit for your new planogram!

Extend Your Game Play 4 Times with Datexx’s Heavy Duty Powerbanks!

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Mobile gaming is getting hotter by the minute and we all know what that means – the battery life of our smartphones just can’t keep up!

Forget worrying about battery power. Extend your game play up to 4 times with Datexx’s Supremo 8,400 mAh powerbank. Just plug your phone in with a USB cable and get instant power!

Datexx also offers a lighter model, the Buddy, a 2,400 mAh powerbank, offering 2 times the playing time!

Stay on the go and never miss an opportunity to play!

Just Turn and Learn with Datexx’s Time Cube!

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The perfect tool to help children in the classroom and at home!

Teachers are looking for new ways to engage their students, who are all becoming increasingly tech savvy, over stimulated, and sometimes need a little help focusing. Teachers are searching for innovative ways to help captivate their students’ attention while building learning confidence, stamina, and growth, with fun and motivating activities through learning games and student centers.

Datexx’s Time Cube is the exact tool teachers are looking for. It’s the easiest way to time block, encouraging focus by managing exercises and tasks, with a simple flip of a colorful timer. Just flip the Time Cube to the desired time, and it automatically starts to countdown. Flip it back to zero when the countdown is complete, and quickly and easily move on to the next challenge.

Happy teachers and parents are creatively using the Time Cube to help children learn more, faster, both in the classroom and at home. Not only does the multi-functional Time Cube easily help children learn, but also helps develop the ability to time management, an incredibly important life skill.

Upgrade Your Productivity with the Track Back 2 Line Business Calculator!

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This small business recommended calculator with 2-line alphanumeric display combines the editing capability of spreadsheets with the simplicity of calculators. Maintain your sanity and forget re-doing complex calculations after a distraction. This calculator lets you trackback up to 1,000 entries for verification and corrections.

Like the TI BA-20 Profit Manager, the TrackBack also has built in functionality to quickly perform profit analysis with 3 simple keys. What makes the TrackBack a superior upgrade is that you’ll know exactly what you entered for cost, sale, or profit, as the innovative alphanumerical display labels each entry and outcome with text. No more guessing and uncertainty, minimizing confusion and recalculations.

Our custom designed software is such a hit that we’ve now expanded our series to 8 models! Help your customers upgrade their productivity with the quick and straightforward analysis features of the 2 Line TrackBack calculators!

Get Fit with the Time Cube!

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Trying to stay committed to a fitness routine is an exercise (pun intended) in constant deal making. You know those compromises you make with yourself. “I swear I will get to my work out later” or “I will double up my sets tomorrow, I don’t have time today.” These agreements always sound sensible, but are rarely kept.  WebMD says the number one excuse for not exercising is “I don’t have time.” In the fast pace multitasking world we live in today, it is very easy for one to feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in – especially exercising. If only there was a way to get real benefits from shorter exercise periods. I smell a lead in to HIIT training studies.

According to CNN, “a recent study suggests that one minute of vigorous exercise can be just as effective for improving health as 45 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.” These high intensity sets only last about 10 minutes and show the same results of traditional longer routines.  In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine reports that subjects who performed HIIT training burned nearly 10% more calories in the 24-hour period after the workout session compared to those who did steady state cardio. Perfect! Managing and allocating a shorter amount of time for fitness is much easier than trying to fit in a 45 to 60 minute workout.

With this style of training in mind, Datexx took its widely successful TimeCube and created new models for fitness. With no buttons or dials to set, the TimeCube allows you to transition from high intensity to a recovery period without breaking stride.  Simply turn the cube to reset or set a new countdown. The Fitness Time Cubes come in two models: the DF-31 with pre-set times of 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds (great for HIIT training) and the DF-37 with pre-set times of 1, 5, 10, and 15 minutes (for strength training or lower impact cardio). These timers are loud enough to hear over your motivational music and are bright enough so they won’t get lost on the gym floor. The TimeCube is small and lightweight making it easy to throw in your gym bag or bring with you on long weekends, so vacations are no longer a reason to break your routine!

Let the Time Cube help you easily make exercise a regular routine. From cardio to strength building, the Time Cube is the best tool to help you incorporate exercise into your day and manage your workout regimen effortlessly- just turn and burn the calories away!

The Time Cube is available for immediate purchase at

The Time Cube – The Perfect Companion to Time Blocking

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The TimeCube is the perfect tool for today’s hectic world!

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In today’s fast paced world, finishing tasks can be a real challenge.  The concept of “Time Blocking” is becoming very popular and helpful in teaching people how to better manage their time and become more productive. According to the article Better Without Burnout – 10 Benefits You Get By Blocking Time by Roger Carr, “blocking time in your schedule for those activities you intend to accomplish is a simple but powerful technique.” This idea is catching on and people are using the TimeCube as the perfect companion.

The very popular blogger site has recently written to their 200k+ followers about the importance of time blocking and how perfect the TimeCube is. Lauryn Evarts (the publisher of The Skinny Confidential) says:  “I’ve been doing this for the last six months everyday with a time cube & it’s been game-changing for my businesses.” Read her full blog here

The Time Cube is a hit and has over 1,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars on Check out why it’s to popular at our Time Cube site.

Maximize your BBQ with Datexx’s Grilliant Bluetooth Thermometer!

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Maximize your BBQ!

Spring has sprung! And that means grilling season is right around the corner. Who can resist a good old fashioned BBQ while relaxing and catching up with friends and family? Let Datexx’s BB-77 Grilliant Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer help you focus more on the socializing rather than the cooking. Simply select the required meat to be grilled and how you want it cooked, then join the party. The Grilliant Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer syncs with your smartphone and will let you know when your meat is ready. So simple!

Watch how easy it is:

Datexx Featured at the Frankfurt Paperworld Trend Show Showcase!

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Datexx at PaperWorld Trend Show


Datexx announced its TrackBack calculator of the future at Frankfurt Paperworld and received great reception! The TrackBack remembers your calculation path, allowing you to easily and clearly verify and modify past entries on its 2-line alphanumerical display. No more re-dos! Eliminate calculation frustrations with the TrackBack, and focus your energy on what really matters!

The ever popular Time Cubes were also featured in the Trend Show. With no buttons or dials to set, the Time Cube lets you manage your many competing priorities with a simple turn of the cube. From learning, to meetings, fitness, cooking, and even downtime, just turn it and go!