Review: 4.0 GPA student loves the TimeCube

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I am not a genius by any means. Infact, I did poorly in high-school and barely made it into college with my placement scores. My first class happened to be psychology. My psych professor’s first lesson was on the importance of time regulation and mental retention. Studies prove that mental retention drops significantly after 25-30 minutes and continues to decline. However, in only 5 minutes of genuine break (actual fun, fresh air, etc) that removes the mind temporarily from the subject and receives endorphins from something the student ‘actually’ wants to do, is enough time for a complete mental recharge. This cube made such practice, practical. I didn’t need to constantly set my watch or phone timer. I quickly flipped and kept on track

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Back to School with the Right Tools

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Why go back to school with the same old calculator? Give students a leg up at school with the advanced tools they need.

From calculators that remember your entries and allows for review and correction to multi-line display scientific calculators at great prices, students can’t go wrong with Datexx’s robust offering.  Even better, our scientific calculators are TI compatibles, and you do not have to live on TI’s margin!

You have nothing to lose by offering this win-win deal!

If you’d like to see any samples, please let us know.

Visit Teledex at the Hong Kong Gift and Premium Show – Booth 3G-A17

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How can you help your customers find you?

We’ll be presenting our productivity tools with a tech edge that make great gifts and have had proven success for software companies. Check us out at the Hong Kong Gift and Premium show at booth 3G-A17 from April 27-30, 2018.


Productivity Tools from Datexx

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Saving time is priceless. Give your customers the life changing tools they need to help them get work and meetings done right. 

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Hover in the Kitchen!

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We’re happy to announce a Datexx exclusive cooking gadget, the Hover! It’s a hands-free timer that is perfect for the kitchen. No mess, no germs, just Hover!

Check out our Hover demo on YouTube.

For our full cooking lineup, check out our Datexx Cooking powerpoint

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In-Store Shopping Experience for all Lifestyles

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Prepare for your seasonal events with our extensive range of products fitting a wide range of lifestyles, from cooking, auto-safety, fitness, smart home, and weather.

We custom make special signing for in-store displays to fit your requirements.

Click on the image below to see which assortment fits your seasonal needs.

Datexx Back To School Planning Strategy

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Datexx best sellers for Back to School are in! From scientific calculators that have better value compared to TI, to TrackBack calculators that allows for review and editing, and hands-free timers for studying and homework!

Get ready for Back to School season with Datexx!

New Year, New You!

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We all need some helpful ideas to simplify our busy lives. Save time, save money, and stay healthy in the new year with Datexx products.

Visit Teledex and check out our New Year, New You line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 9-12th, South Hall 36737.

Our Time Cube remains one of our most popular and versatile products, with over 1,000 4.5 star reviews in Amazon.  It’s great for all your time blocking needs: a great solution for work, learning, cooking, and wellness!

Teledex CES Show Invitation

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We’ll be presenting our solutions for busy lifestyles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Please visit out booth at South Hall 36737.  Your customers are waiting for your ‘New Year, New You’ ideas.

Revolutionize the way you work

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Revolutionize the way you work. Keep your meetings crisp and your day productive with Time Cube, the world’s simplest timer. Get one for every meeting room.

Work in short sprints