Teledex CES Show Invitation: Jan 8-11, 2019 Las Vegas, South Hall 35211

Visit us at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from Jan 8-11, 2019  at South Hall 35211.

We’ll be introducing Viva Human, our new initiative that focuses on helping people increase their wellness and productivity by simplifying their lives. We’re providing ways to keep people’s hectic lives running smoothly – thus reducing stress and improving overall health in the new year and beyond!


For more information about the initiative, take a look at our Powerpoint, Catalog, YouTube, and Site.

And check out what our customers say about us at our Datexx Blog.

Time management for better life


The one resource that is perceived as limited in life is “Time”. People say they don’t have enough time to do things they love to do. Some perceive their time as expensive and do not spend it on leisure, while others spend too much on leisure and only realize it’s value when it has passed. Although time is perceived as limited, everyone has enough to live a better life. At the end it is not about how much time one has but how one perceives it.

Value it

Every activity revolves around time. Work, Health & Fitness, Cooking and Kitchen, Household chores, Homework, Screen time, Play time etc. Do something for an extended period of time and it becomes a habit, it may impact one’s mental & physical health, finances and overall quality of life.

Think about meetings at work. How many meetings end on time? If they do, how many of them end with the desired outcome? Among other distractions, there is always someone in the meeting who takes up a lot of time talking, although it may be useful information, more often than not it does not give others enough time to counter, question or comment. Resulting in poor outcomes and reduced productivity.

Studying for extended period of time without breaks affects one’s health. Back troubles are a result of bad posture for extended periods, poor vision and lack of focus are a few symptoms of many more.

Kids with special needs are trained using time intervals for tasks which improves their lifestyle tremendously.

Manage it

In today’s fast paced life, the kind of work people do and the kind of economy we are in, the one and only most desired and valued resource is “Time”. While it may be difficult to point inefficiencies in our activities, time management can ensure one doesn’t spend more time than required. Time management enables a better life for everyone. Time cannot be created, bought or sold but time can be managed. There are tons of proven theories and methods to manage time and at Datexx we believe in supporting people manage time and live a better life.

“TimeCube” is a time management tool that can support any time management solution. We proudly describe it as the world’s simplest timer ever. Take a look at

Back to School with the Right Tools

Why go back to school with the same old calculator? Give students a leg up at school with the advanced tools they need.

From calculators that remember your entries and allows for review and correction to multi-line display scientific calculators at great prices, students can’t go wrong with Datexx’s robust offering.  Even better, our scientific calculators are TI compatibles, and you do not have to live on TI’s margin!

You have nothing to lose by offering this win-win deal!

If you’d like to see any samples, please let us know.

Productivity Tools from Datexx

Saving time is priceless. Give your customers the life changing tools they need to help them get work and meetings done right. 

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Hover in the Kitchen!

We’re happy to announce a Datexx exclusive cooking gadget, the Hover! It’s a hands-free timer that is perfect for the kitchen. No mess, no germs, just Hover!

Check out our Hover demo on YouTube.

For our full cooking lineup, check out our Datexx Cooking powerpoint

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In-Store Shopping Experience for all Lifestyles

Prepare for your seasonal events with our extensive range of products fitting a wide range of lifestyles, from cooking, auto-safety, fitness, smart home, and weather.

We custom make special signing for in-store displays to fit your requirements.

Click on the image below to see which assortment fits your seasonal needs.

Datexx Back To School Planning Strategy

Datexx best sellers for Back to School are in! From scientific calculators that have better value compared to TI, to TrackBack calculators that allows for review and editing, and hands-free timers for studying and homework!

Get ready for Back to School season with Datexx!

New Year, New You!

We all need some helpful ideas to simplify our busy lives. Save time, save money, and stay healthy in the new year with Datexx products.

Visit Teledex and check out our New Year, New You line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 9-12th, South Hall 36737.

Our Time Cube remains one of our most popular and versatile products, with over 1,000 4.5 star reviews in Amazon.  It’s great for all your time blocking needs: a great solution for work, learning, cooking, and wellness!