Review: Handy for keeping yourself on task!

I’ve purchased three of these now – just to give you an idea of how much I like them. They’re simple to use, loud enough to hear from another room, have a countdown on the “bottom” (which becomes the side when “setting” it for one of the times), and is perfect for short tasks. I bought one of these for my niece to use so she finishes her meals in 30 minutes (she has to eat on a strict schedule bc she has Type 1 diabetes), and I use one when I’m doing hires bc I’m so easily distracted.

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Review: Awesome timer for kids!

I purchased this timer, along with a few other kinds, for use in my classroom. I teach young children with autism, and I wanted a way for the kids to regulate their time earned playing on the iPad on their own. As they get 5 minutes each, I thought this might be a good bet. (We previously used simple digital timers or “traffic light” visual timers, but they were not as well received as this one!)Not only do I love it, but my students do too! It is incredibly simple to operate, and they quickly learned how to do it themselves.

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Review: Best non-Kindle purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon

Seriously, these cubes – I have the white one that goes up to 60 minutes max, and one that’s 30 minutes max – are absolutely terrific. Nothing could be simpler – switch the cube on (I keep it turned off till ready to use and the batteries last forever), put the time limit you want on the top side of the cube, and go. And for me, that’s ‘go to sleep’. Yep, I’m one of those people who needs naps during the day, and there’s nothing better than coming home for a 50 minute lunch time, sticking something in the microwave, and setting the cube to 10 minutes for a quick nap while lunch cooks.

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Review: Great Shower Monitor

“This is perfect for households with children who empty the entire hot water tank taking a shower. I put a note on the outside of the shower enclosure to remind them to set it and so far it’s been a big help. It couldn’t be any easier to use – just turn the “15” up and it starts. I took a guess about the amount of time needed for a reasonable shower and 15 minutes was just about right for shampoos and leg shaves.”

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Review: This cube might save your life

“I love this thing!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo simple and perfect to use. I’m a writer, which not only means I’m sitting on my a** all day, but also that I get totally lost in my head and completely lose track of time while at the computer. (Random digression: one of my kiddos asked me for something the other day while I was writing, and when I told him “5 minutes” he asked, “5 real minutes or 5 mommy minutes?” … which apparently is like dog years, but in reverse, and roughly equates to an hour later and/or whenever I’m done with the current scene … note, this is NOT a fault of the timer, LOL! In fact, I don’t even use the 5 minute side, instead…) I primarily use the 30 min timer as a reminder to get out of my chair and move for a few minutes…”

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Review: Up against the clock was never so easy….or immediate.

“So I know I can set a timer on my phone, or the stove, or the microwave or the kitchen timer….but this is so easy that I actually USE it. In clearing out the garage (where you can’t hear the kitchen timers), when your hands are not the cleanest, instead of putting dirty paws all over your phone, you just flip a cube. Done.

It’s so easy that it removes the procrastination factor to many chores – you flip the cube. Done. There’s no getting sidelined into missed texts while navigating the phone to the timer option. There’s no snacking while setting the stove timer.

My favourite part is that I now almost flip it before I know what I’m doing and then that’s the end of the world-wide-waste-of-time. Until the beep.”

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Review: It’s perfect. I’ve had problems with mechanical timers that stop …

“The brilliance is in the simplicity. It has a choice of 4 times (I got the 1-5-10-15 minute combination, but there are others.) Place the side with the time you want face up, and after the set number of minutes, it’ll beep at you. Flip the 0 side back up, and it’ll turn off.

Obviously, if the 4 times don’t fit what you need, you’re out of luck. If you have something for which a fixed timer works (I have a 15-minute task that I use this for), it’s perfect. I’ve had problems with mechanical timers that stop part way through, and electronic timers where the buttons wear out, and though I’ve only had this for a couple of months, I haven’t had any problems yet.”

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Review: I LOVE this thing!

Yeah, yeah, I know. How much effort can it save when you can set the timer on your stove nearly as fast? But this thing is uber-cool. Just turn it so the desired time is facing up and it begins to flash and you’re off.

As soon as you pick it up you realize how it works: There’s a metal ball bearing inside that makes contact with two points and begins a preset timer based on which side is up. It’s simple and absolutely brilliant and makes everything from cooking to laundry just a little easier.

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