Stay Safe During Storm Season with Datexx’s Portable Emergecy LED Light

Storm season has been in full force this year. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe during storm season and peel-and-stick Datexx’s LED-90 Portable Emergency LED Light in every room.

Not only does it activate when approached in darkness, it also has a nightlight mode, providing continuous light whilst dark. Remove the light from the bracket and the multi-functional device becomes a small 120 lumens flashlight in emergency situations.

With Sentina, you’ll always have some light to help guide you through the darkness.

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Light Up Your Home Smartly

light up every dark corner

Get around your house or office without having to fumble around for light switches. Place the Sentina LED-90 in hallways, dark corners, garages – anywhere that needs a bit of brightening up. This smart light with motion sensor will detect movement in the dark and automatically illuminate your way.

No more electric sockets to spare? No problem! This DIY item runs on a set of AAA batteries which will last a whole year. Simply peel and stick wherever it’s needed.

It’s the easiest safety and energy saving DIY connected home solution.

LED-90: The Easy Smart Home Method


Make your home a Smart Home the easiest way possible. Datexx’s LED-90 requires no complicated installations, no WiFi connections, and no outlets! Simply pop in batteries and stick it on in any hall or corner that needs some extra lighting.

The simple way to brighten up your home and save money! And of course, it’s emergency ready – no more need to search for light!