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Bought 8 of your Sentina Night lights in 2013.
During Florence we were without electricity for 78 hours and most of them lasted at least 60 hours with two almost making the 78 hours. Great product. When they got powered back up two units stayed with the red light; one took the charge but the other one failed to light after charging. Threw those two out and bought two more to replace them. All those years without any problems and if it was not for the long outage I am sure the two units would still be going strong like the other six are doing now. Thanks for making a great product…..

Sentina 4-in-1 Smart Sensor Light – Top Seller!

Sentina Smart Sensor Light

With #motion, #darkness, and #power #outage #sensors, the #Sentina #LED-92M is the ultimate multi-use #emergency LED #lighting device. Simply plug the LED-92M into a wall socket and the Sentina provides you light when you need it most. The light activates when approached in darkness and automatically shuts off when motion is no longer detected. During power outages, the LED-92M will switch-on on its own, and when disconnected from the socket will also perform as an emergency #flashlight for up to eight hours. It also has a #nightlight mode, providing continuous light whilst dark. The LED-92M does all this for just #pennies per day, saving you #energy and #money every day.

Make your #home #smarter with our energy #efficient motion sensor light. The Sentina is perfect for everyday use and is a must have for emergencies.  You will want one in every room of your house!

***Actual Customer Review***

Best Emergency Light/Night Light Combo

I have nightlights throughout my home because I always like to see where I’m going. After dealing with hurricane season, I replaced most of them with emergency nightlights so when the power goes out, I’ll have light in every room as well as a flashlight I can easily find. The Sentina is the best one of all. What I really love is that I can put it in a place where I typically would need light when walking into the room, without having to turn on a regular light. It’s a much brighter light than a normal nightlight when the sensor goes on. Then as soon as you aren’t within distance it goes to normal nightlight mode. When you need a flashlight, just unplug it. I did a lot of research before purchasing this and would highly recommend it to anyone.

***Actual Customer Review***


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The Must Have Emergency Backup Tool


Imagine the #power going out and not having to fumble around looking for a #flashlight. Imagine that during this same power #outage, not having to worry about staying #connected to the outside world because your #smartphone is fully #charged. It is with this exact scenario in mind that Datexx has created the #ultimate #emergency #backup tool for your #home or #travel.

#LED-95 merges the technology of #Sentina, the best-selling #intelligent #safety #light, and #PowerNow, the most #reliable #mobile #charger. This #powerful #combination results in the most #dependable emergency #tool available today.

During power outages, the LED-95 will turn on #automatically, providing you with up to 24-hours of light. Leave it plugged in to #guide you around your #house or #hotel room, or simply remove it from the wall and use it as a flashlight. The LED-95 also has a built in 1 Amp #USB backup #battery (2,200 mAh) which will charge your smartphone so you can stay in touch with #family, #friends, and emergency #services. The battery is designed with Datexx’s patented #SmartJack #technology which stops battery #drainage and #holds its charged power for one year.

#Perfect for #everyday usage, as well, just plug the LED-95 into an outlet and it will automatically turn on its ultra-bright natural light when it #senses #motion at #dusk. The LED-95  also helps you #save #energy by shutting its light off when nobody is around.

The LED-95 is a must have emergency backup tool that won’t quit on you when you need it the most!

Available for immediate purchase at

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Longer Nights Ahead – Protect Your Home!

Protect your home

Daylight Savings Time is coming to and end this weekend, and we all know that means – longer nights! It also means coming home to a dark house at the end of the day, and that makes us all feel uneasy. That’s why Datexx’s uTimer is the perfect solution for making your home feel safe and secure.

The uTimer is an intelligent light timer that needs no programming. This smart AC LED light has a built-in photo-sensor that will turn on any light plugged into it at dusk. It will also turn your lamp off automatically after 4, 8 or 12 hour segments.

Give yourself peace of mind by creating the illusion of being home and protecting it while you’re at work or traveling. It’s also a great energy saver for holiday lighting that we all, more often than not, forget to turn off. The uTimer not only helps to keep your house safe while you are away, but also helps to keep your money in the bank with lower electricity bills.

The uTimer is the smartest light timer on the market and a must have for home security and energy savings!

Available for immediate purchase at

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Be Prepared for Emergencies with Sentina 24


Emergency Power and Light in One Handy Device!

Be prepared for emergencies or blackouts with the Sentina 24, a combination of our best selling intelligent smart light with our reliable mobile battery back up. When the device detects a blackout, the ultra bright LED light automatically turns on and once unplugged, can be used as a flashlight to get around the dark for 24 hours. What’s more, Sentina 24 can also provide peace of mind as it lets you stay connected with loved ones and emergency services by charging your smartphone when you run out of battery.

Sentina 24 – an emergency ready multi-functioning device that’s worth having in every home or office

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Light Up Your Home Smartly

light up every dark corner

Get around your house or office without having to fumble around for light switches. Place the Sentina LED-90 in hallways, dark corners, garages – anywhere that needs a bit of brightening up. This smart light with motion sensor will detect movement in the dark and automatically illuminate your way.

No more electric sockets to spare? No problem! This DIY item runs on a set of AAA batteries which will last a whole year. Simply peel and stick wherever it’s needed.

It’s the easiest safety and energy saving DIY connected home solution.

Is Your Home Safe?

Protect your home

PM-302B, part of Datexx’s Connected Home series, will secure your home against intruders and save you energy while you’re away or asleep. Its intelligent timer with light sensor will automatically turn on your lamp at dusk and will switch off after your selected 4, 8, or 12 hours. No programming needed!

Maintain your peace of mind whether you’re home or away with this smart, money saving tool.

LED-92M : The All Purpose Smart Home Light – Perfect for Every Room


The LED-92M is the smart light that does it all! It’s a motion and darkness sensing light that turns on automatically when you pass through a dark room or hallway. Not only that, during power outages, the LED-92M comes on automatically and becomes a must have emergency light that shines bright for up to 8 hours.

It’s the all purpose smart home light that keeps you safe while saving you energy and money. Buy one for every room!