For Back-to-School Success, Become a Blockhead

A complete range of Datexx TimeCube timers improve student productivity and focus. And grades!

KENILWORTH, NJ (DATE) – With the school year upon us, parents across the country are looking for ways to keep their kids on the path to academic achievement. Experts agree that time management is one of the keys to success. And a new tool from the innovative engineering team at Datexx is making that happen for families and students across the country.

The “Datexx TimeCube is a wonderful tool! It keeps me and the family on track and focused!” said Alicia Torres, mother of two from Albuquerque. “I love this so much we have two of them.”

The TimeCube is set by simply rotating it to the desired time, so there’s no need to fuss around adjusting a knob. It comes in 10 different colors with various timer options appropriate for students at any grade level.

According to Heather Olsen in Milwaukee, “What I really like is that it doesn’t tick or have any other noise going on as the time goes by. My son, who has ADHD, has found it useful just to get started on homework which is a big plus.”

Even children who know how to tell time don’t necessarily know how to measure time. Setting a timer during a block of time when they’re supposed to be completing a task has proven to be a really helpful strategy.

“Who knew that a timer could be fun enough to encourage kids to do their homework,” gushed Carolyn Levine from Houston.

Parents can also keep a clock nearby and give kids a verbal countdown as the minutes tick by so that children can begin getting an internal feel for these time segments.

“It’s useful in limiting video game time,” noted Miami homeschool mom Gina diGiacomo, “And sometimes we use if for a beat-the-clock game…. can you pickup ALL of your stuff in the living room in 5 minutes?”

Today’s families are busier than ever and kids are bombarded with distractions every minute of every day. So developing time management skills has become increasingly important.

Of course, no tool will be beneficial if it ends up getting tossed into a drawer and forgotten. Because the TimeCube is easy to use and attractive, it’s certain not to meet that fate. “I bought these for everyone in the family as I thought they are great example of how good design can make life simpler,” said San Diego mom Denise Bynum.


Datexx by Teledex is a proud family-owned company founded in 1990 in New Jersey, USA. We are an innovative consumer electronics company that has been developing and marketing attractive, high-quality products worldwide for over two decades and with over 20 million satisfied customers.

Datexx World Headquarters are located at 1 Atlas Street in Kenilworth, NJ. For additional information about the TimeCube and Datexx’s other innovative products, contact Julee Noguchi at 1-908-964-8109 or email

Review: Great timer for workouts!

I bought this clock as I needed a timer for the gym. This fun and interesting looking addition to the gym has allowed me to time my workouts in different increments (10 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec) with ease. A great purchase!!!

Review: Easy to use

This is a very nice timer. I use it at work to time my cases I am working on. This way I do not go over my allot time. It is very easy to use and nice color.

Review: Works Great!

This product is great. I have a limo company. I purchased this for my client while he is in the back of the car doing meditation.

Review: These lights are always charged

I love these things and I’ve used them for years in my house. I give them as housewarming gifts to friends because they’re so versatile and so handy. Especially when the power goes out, the lights instantly come on and you can use them as a flashlight. They are always charged. I love the feature where they are a low-level night-light but when you walk in the room they brighten when they sense the motion. I don’t even have to turn my bathroom lights on at night.

Review: These lights serve three purposes

These night lights are great. They serve three purposes. They serve as regular night lights. They have a motion sensor so that if you turn on that feature a more intense light can be activated. Finally, when power fails, if they have been charging, they can be used as flashlights

Review: Great Little Quick reminder (Teacher uses on her desk at school)

Gave as a stocking stuffer to my teacher sister-in-law and she LOVES it. She sets it for 30 minutes warning and then sets it for another 15 minutes (45 minute long tests in total) on her desk at school. She says that she has never had the students bring up their test papers so quickly as they do now that the bell rings… I use mine to remind me I’ve put something on the stove that is coming up to a boil so I don’t forget I’ve done that and have a boil over. Also great for quick naps instead of having to fiddle about with an alarm clock or have my phone battery worn down using an app.

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Fantastic Timer for “Study & Break” Student use (Private Tutor)

As a full-time private tutor, I thoroughly endorse this product as a perfect way to encourage students to develop a study rhythm.
Regular, timed sessions of studying and relaxing lead to higher productivity and quicker completion of homework. A timer is critical for this!

I recommend the white cube timer for high school students, and ask that they use the 60-minute setting for study time and the 15-minute setting for break time.
Flipping the cube is easy and fun, and students ACTUALLY DO IT! I find that they don’t stick to a timer that they have to keep resetting.

I have two yellows and two whites: one of each for home, and one of each for the road. I use them myself!

**I recommend the yellow cube timers and a 45/20 rhythm for middle school students**”

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