Review: Great Little Quick reminder (Teacher uses on her desk at school)

Gave as a stocking stuffer to my teacher sister-in-law and she LOVES it. She sets it for 30 minutes warning and then sets it for another 15 minutes (45 minute long tests in total) on her desk at school. She says that she has never had the students bring up their test papers so quickly as they do now that the bell rings… I use mine to remind me I’ve put something on the stove that is coming up to a boil so I don’t forget I’ve done that and have a boil over. Also great for quick naps instead of having to fiddle about with an alarm clock or have my phone battery worn down using an app.

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Fantastic Timer for “Study & Break” Student use (Private Tutor)

As a full-time private tutor, I thoroughly endorse this product as a perfect way to encourage students to develop a study rhythm.
Regular, timed sessions of studying and relaxing lead to higher productivity and quicker completion of homework. A timer is critical for this!

I recommend the white cube timer for high school students, and ask that they use the 60-minute setting for study time and the 15-minute setting for break time.
Flipping the cube is easy and fun, and students ACTUALLY DO IT! I find that they don’t stick to a timer that they have to keep resetting.

I have two yellows and two whites: one of each for home, and one of each for the road. I use them myself!

**I recommend the yellow cube timers and a 45/20 rhythm for middle school students**”

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It’s Time to Order for Back to School!

Back to school

Back To School will be here before you know it! Provide us with your BTS forecasts or get your BTS orders in with us today! The dock strike in the West Coast is affecting delivery. Avoid any other potential delays and submit your BTS orders soon.

Datexx has lots of hot selling items to meet all your Back to School electronic needs – from Fun Calculators and Scientific Calculators for math class, Time Cubes to manage homework, Headsets for audio learning, Mobile Power to keep your phone going, and much more!

Plan your mini electronics department and welcome growth!

Bring technology to make Busy Life Safer


  • Datexx Powernow series has the highest dependability to perform under ‘Weather’ or ‘Everyday’.
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