Hammacher goes to “Grande” on PowerNow!

Following the BT-2400’s big success, Hammacher Schlemmer is selling PowerNow Grande PN-GX.
See How is Hammacher selling PowerNow at $69.95

Grande now at Hammacher
Grande now at Hammacher

“This is the smartphone battery that holds its charge for a full year.
It fully charges an iPad Mini, iPhone, or Android in under three hours and can charge an iPhone three times before
requiring a recharge itself. ”

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PowerNow sales exceed expectations at Hammacher

Hammacher Schlemmer’s sales of PowerNow Buddy BT-2400 have exceeded initial expectations by 250%! It’s a BIG SUCCE$$!

See How is Hammacher selling PowerNow at $39.95


‘This is the smartphone battery that holds its charge for a full year, ensuring you always have backup power during an emergency’

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Sentina Hearing and Vision Products Covered by ‘Senior Care Products’

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Sentina PM-316B ZenLight

Sentina PM-316B ZenLight
The energy-efficient Sentina PM-316B ZenLight combines the best of ancient Japanese lighting methods with the latest in LED lighting technology and motion censor technology. The built-in authentic Shoji Paper gives the energy-saving LED light a soothing and peaceful glow. In the dark, The ZenLight acts as a safety nightlight, but when motion is detected it becomes a bright, fully functional LED light. The ZenLight automatically turns on when entering a room and shuts off after leaving the room. A simple switch on the ZenLight allows your patients the ability to adjust it to shut off one, five or ten minutes after leaving the room


Sentina LED-92

Sentina LED-92M
The eco-friendly Seintina LED-92M four-way emergency light is four lights in one. Innovatively designed to detect motion, darkness and power outages, the Sentina LED-92M light simply plugs into a wall socket and provides convenient lighting for pennies per day. The light automatically turns on when approached, when in darkness or in a power outage. At all other times the light remains off. If the LED-92M is removed from the wall socket, it can be used as an emergency flashlight for up to eight hours thanks to its long lasting internal battery.

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