Artificial Intelligence Rocks. But Human Intelligence Will Always Rule

KENILWORTH, NJ (DATE) – At CES – the annual homage to Artificial Intelligence – Datexx remains committed to helping customers increase their Human Intelligence. Long known as a technology dynamo for creating a range of products designed to make life easier, Datexx continues its tradition as a disrupter by introducing  ‘Viva Human’, an initiative that focuses on helping people increase their wellness and productivity by simplifying their lives.

Looking for ways to keep their hectic lives running smoothly – thus reducing stress and improving overall health – people have discovered what the experts have known all along: time management is a critical key to success. And the little TimeCube® Plus is making that happen in a big way.

In fact, people have come to think of the TimeCube® Plus as the ultimate time machine because it has the power to increase the number of productive hours in each day.  The TimeCube® Plus is set by simply rotating it to the desired time, so there’s no need to fuss around adjusting a knob.  It comes in eight different colors with various timer options appropriate for work, school and home.

This nifty little timer is perfect for improving performance at the office. “Instead of trying to do everything at once, the TimeCube® Plus lets me focus on one thing at a time for a set amount of time,” said HR Manager Carolyn Levine. “That way I can get everything done without worrying that something’s fallen through the cracks.”  In fact, devotees of popular time management systems love the TimeCube® Plus for its ease of use.

It’s also perfect at home. “In clearing out the garage (where you can’t hear the kitchen timers), when your hands are not the cleanest, instead of putting dirty paws all over your phone, you just flip a cube,” explained James Olsen. “There’s no getting sidelined into missed texts while navigating the phone to the timer option.”

The TimeCube® Plus has become the darling of the healthcare industry, where it’s used in patient care, in the scrub room, in the lab, and in therapy sessions.

Retailers across the spectrum also love how the TimeCube® Plus enhances their offerings of kitchen and lifestyle products, exercise equipment, educational supplies and much more.

Parents praise the TimeCube® Plus too. “It’s useful in limiting video game time,” noted homeschool mom Gina diGiacomo,  “And sometimes we use if for a beat-the-clock game…. can you pickup ALL of your stuff in the living room in 5 minutes?”

Of course, no tool will be beneficial if it ends up getting tossed into a drawer and forgotten. Because the TimeCube® Plus is as attractive as it is easy to use, it’s certain not to meet that fate.  “I bought these for everyone in the family as I thought they are great example of how good design can make life simpler,” said TimeCube® enthusiast Denise Bynum.


Datexx by Teledex is a proud family-owned company founded in 1990 in New Jersey, USA. This innovative consumer electronics company has been developing and marketing attractive, high-quality products worldwide for over two decades and boasts more than 20 million satisfied customers.

Datexx World Headquarters are located at 1 Atlas Street in Kenilworth, NJ. For additional information about the TimeCube Plus and Datexx’s other innovative products, contact Mei Noguchi at or by calling 908-964-8109.