Fantastic Timer for “Study & Break” Student use (Private Tutor)

As a full-time private tutor, I thoroughly endorse this product as a perfect way to encourage students to develop a study rhythm.
Regular, timed sessions of studying and relaxing lead to higher productivity and quicker completion of homework. A timer is critical for this!

I recommend the white cube timer for high school students, and ask that they use the 60-minute setting for study time and the 15-minute setting for break time.
Flipping the cube is easy and fun, and students ACTUALLY DO IT! I find that they don’t stick to a timer that they have to keep resetting.

I have two yellows and two whites: one of each for home, and one of each for the road. I use them myself!

**I recommend the yellow cube timers and a 45/20 rhythm for middle school students**”

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