Story #3 – For many of our customers ‘BT-USB-AA was the Lifeline of Hurricane Sandy’.

“We have become too dependent on our smartphones. As we lost power for almost two weeks due to Hurricane Sandy, we felt safe with our Rechargeable BT-2400 for a few days but once it did run out of power things became more difficult. There was no easy way to recharge it or our smartphones due to the fear of using up our car’s gasoline by going to places that had energy. Driving our cars to go anywhere was a luxury as gasoline was scarce. Then, I remember what I had bought before, and the lifeline was clear. The AA Battery based BT-USB-AA was the perfect solution to recharge our Smartphones with the batteries that we had in the house. Thanks to the BT-USB-AA we were able to get back a little bit of normalcy by using our smartphones to listen to music, read News and most importantly Communicate with Family and Friends.”

Stories continue to come in. This one is about Non-Rechargeable battery based products that can help at a moments notice.

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This is a great opportunity for us. Let’s allow our customers to Keep Going, Stay Connected and Safe.