Story #4 – Hurricane Sandy and PowerNow stories keep coming in!

It wasn’t until Sandy hit our area, that I realized how important my iPhone or any smart phone is to staying safe and informed in times of emergency. Once the power went out and we lost cable and landlines, my iPhone kept my family and me connected to local news stations and websites with the latest storm updates. Without the ability to recharge my iPhone, we would have been left literally and figuratively in the dark. The PowerNow BT-2400 allowed me to fully recharge my iPhone during the storm without a wall outlet. I was able to stay connected to friends and family as well as find out up-to-date storm information. The LED flashlight was also surprisingly useful once the lights went out. I was able to use it to guide my way around the house while simultaneously charging my iPhone. The PowerNow BT-2400 helped me stay connected during the storm, and I’ll be sure to tell friends and family to have one on hand in case of another emergency.

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