Story #5 – Hurricane Sandy and PowerNow stories keep coming in!

“When it became obvious Hurricane Sandy was going to affect our area, we stocked up on everything they tell you to: canned food, water, and of course batteries. We thought we’d use the batteries for flashlights and radios, but we actually found them most useful with the BT-USB-AA, which we used to charge our smart phones. Once we lost power, my iPhone was the only way we stayed connected to the internet and Facebook, and it allowed us to stay in contact with worried friends and family. Without my iPhone and BT-USB-AA, my family and I would have been cut off completely. The AA-battery-powered BT-USB-AA gave us instant power to our smart phones and kept us connected in a time of serious need.”

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This is a great opportunity for us. Let’s allow our customers to Keep Going, Stay Connected and Safe.