Let There Be Light, Energy Efficient Light, This Holiday Season

KENILWORTH, NEW JERSEY, October 6, 2009 — If you’re looking to make a difference this holiday season, a real difference that can benefit you, your loved ones, and the environment as whole, then look no further than the Sentina line of eco-friendly LED based consumer lighting solutions offered by Datexx

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Make no mistake about it. Sentina lights are not your typical lighting products. Innovatively designed and affordably priced at under $40 for most models, Sentina lights are as much fun to hold and look at as they are to plug in and enjoy! And each Sentina light has a host of energy saving environmentally friendly features built into them.

Take the Sentina LED-92M (Watch Youtube Video) four-way emergency light for example; it is just that: four lights in one unit that has a retail price of $30.00. Fully charged to support motion, darkness, and power outage sensors, the Sentina LED-92M light simply plugs into a wall socket and performs for pennies per day. The light activates only when approached, in darkness, or in a power outage. In all other times, the light remains off. When disconnected from the socket, the light will also perform as an emergency flash light for up to eight hours.

Perfect for holiday lights and available for $30.00, the Sentina PM-302 U-Timer (Watch Youtube Video) is the ultimate LED lamp controller and safety light. Plug this unit in and consumers will never again have to leave expensive, energy consuming bulb lighting on in their house when they’re not home for extended periods. Thanks to its built-in smart light sensor, the Sentina U-Timer turns on a household lamp at dusk and automatically shuts off in 4, 8, or 12 hours, as programmed by the consumer. Designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind and lower energy costs when away from home, the U-Timer is also an ideal way to control holiday lights.