New from Datexx – Two Line Desktop Calculators

2 line calculators

Be sure of your numbers with TrackBack!

Multi-tasking and day-to-day distractions can cause plenty of confusion when performing long and complicated calculations. “Did I just type the same number twice?”, or “Did I hit the wrong number key by mistake?” are common thoughts that creep into our minds while calculating important numbers. Skip the uncertainy and eliminate the frustration of re-doing calculations with Datexx’s 2-Line Alphanumerical display calculator. The calculator series backtracks up to 1,000 entries, allowing you to verify your numbers and correct any mistakes. You can now be sure of your entries and worry about more important things!

Making profit decisions is easier, too, with its intuitive alphanumeric display that clearly spells out Cost, Sell, and Margin values.

Sample Available : June 15th, 2015

Shipment Available : June 30th, 2015