A Must Have Tool for Any Business


According to #Forbes, the number one rule in business is having a clear vision. That
sounds simple enough, but the reality is that the #business landscape is ever changing
and challenging. This holds especially true in sales and purchasing. Everyone is
looking to make their margin and keep tabs on expenses. It is understandable that this
process can become confusing and #easy for one to lose track, particularly with the
many competing priorities and interruptions one faces daily. That is why #Datexx has
reinvented the calculator into the ultimate #business tool.

Datexx’s Track Back calculator helps you quickly refocus, by tracking up to 1,000
entries for verification and corrections. No calculator comes close to making this claim.
In turn, this becomes an accountant’s dream come true. Imagine being able to see
your entries and correct them as needed, without starting over. This alone is worth the
price of admission, but there’s more!

The Track Back series also figures out your cost, sell, and margin in a straightforward
way. The two line alpha-numerical display clearly shows you your COST, SELL or
MARGIN values right on the screen. For example, just enter your cost, which will be
displayed with the COST indicator, then enter your selling price, which will also show
with the SELL indicator. Your profit margin will then show automatically next to the
MARGIN indicator. #Buyers and #sellers will know exactly which numbers they are
discussing or trying to achieve without any confusion.

It is so easy, it’s brilliant!

Visit www.datexx.com today and see for yourself, why the Trackback takes the
frustrations out of calculations.

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