Keep Yourself Safe on the Road!

Safety One

With the #winter season just around the corner, inclement weather and longer nights become a real issue on the road. #Drivers must do whatever they can to be prepared and feel safe behind the wheel. With the SafteyOne All-in-One Digital Tire Gauge with Emergency Tools, drivers can feel secure and ready, knowing they have the right #safety tools on hand. Drivers can ensure correct tire pressure for #tire safety and maximal performance, and if they do get into a serious situation or accident, the added Emergency Tools of the SafetyOne can help.

The SafetyOne comes with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter to help escape your vehicle, as well as a bright LED flashlight and emergency light to ensure you will be noticed. The additional screwdrivers, scissors, and pliers will come in handy to help with roadside repairs. Fatalities and injuries caused by vehicle entrapment or blowouts are often avoidable with the proper preparation and tools. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe and prepared with the SafetyOne. Available for immediate purchase at

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