Review: Helps make “Math life” easier

I purchased the Jumbo Style Calculator for my 17 year old son,
who is taking Consumer Math for the summer. It has really helped
him in the class when working math problems. He really likes it a lot, and is continually saying “”Thank you”” for the purchase of it. It makes his “MATH LIFE” really easier.

Review: Very happy with them especially for the money

Bought more than 10 of these calculators for our office because of the great value and different color choices, so employees could define their calculator. They have good battery life, good display, and good sized buttons that are spaced nicely for those with larger fingers. They have been a great purchase. Very happy with them especially for the money.

Review: Love this calculator

Light/ Compact, long battery life, Good Value, Clear Display, Easy to Use, Useful Functions and Quality.

I have used this calculator for years. Love it so much everybody in our office got one. Buttons are large, colors are nice and bright which means I can easily find it on my cluttered desk. Always works…does what I need it to do! would recommend