Review: Easy to Carry

I purchased this calculator because I needed something that I could easily carry around with me in my briefcase everyday. This is a great, lightweight calculator! Larger than I anticipated, but it’s actually perfect because I am able to use the 10-key by touch only if I want to. Love the ability to scroll over and make changes to entries or delete mistakes rather than having to clear the entire string and start over. I use this every day for work, where accuracy is imperative. Highly recommended!

Know Your Money with the Datexx 3 Memory Checkbook Calculator

Checkbook Calculator

Datexx’s 3 #Memory #Checkbook #Calculator makes it easy to keep track of your #money. #Monitor several #accounts at once and know your #bank and #credit card #balances at all time. Use the 3 Memory Checkbook Calculator to record your #transactions, such as #deposits or #check #payments, and your stored balances are updated automatically!

The 3 Memory Checkbook Calculator allows you to track 3 separate accounts, so you can always be sure of what you have before you #spend! Avoid hefty #bank fees and know your money!

It’s a #top seller! Don’t just take our word for it, read what our very satisfied customers are saying:


***Actual customer review***

I LOVE it!

Man, this thing is great! It was exactly what I was hoping for. I can punch in the total while standing in line at the store without wasting anyone’s time and my account is up to date. I always know exactly how much money I have, and have not had problems with managing my budget do to math errors, overdrawn my account, or had problems calculating a tip in the five months I’ve had it! It’s nice and flat too, and doesn’t take up much purse room. Definately a great investment to anyone who hates balancing checkbooks as much as I do!

***Actual customer review***


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Spend Your Money Wisely!

Money Manager

Stop costly overdraft fees by spending what you have. Keep track of your bank balance with the DC-80, the pocket size money manager! Simply enter the amount debited or credited whenever you make a transaction and easily check your balance on the go. Review your last 100 transactions, too, and monitor how money is coming into or out of your account!

Keep track of your balance and spend your money wisely!

How Much Money Do I Have?


Always know how much money you have and keep track of your balances with our DB-403 Checkbook Calculator! It’s a handy device that helps you keep track of 3 separate accounts. Stay on top of your credit and debit transactions to your bank accounts while knowing how much you’re spending with your credit card!

Avoid hefty fees – know your money and spend what you have!

Your Pocket Financial Advisor


DH-170FS is a financial planning calculator that doesn’t require a degree in finance to operate! Easily and quickly assess the financial numbers you need using this simple tool so you can focus on the decisions at hand rather than the calculations!

It’s your pocket financial advisor to help make sound profit decisions. Perfect for Real Estate Agents, Loan Brokers, Car Salesmen, Sales Agencies, and more!

Do you know your card balance?

Card Balance

Do you know where your money went? How do you know if you have enough before you swipe your card?

DC-80 Money Manager is the simple solution to avoid painful overdraft charges. It’s your pocket ATM – track your cashflow and know your balances at the push of a button! It’s a hit item on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars!

There are too many things to worry about, don’t let your balances be one of them. Know and spend what you have.

Do you know your bank balance?

money management

Finance doesn’t have to be difficult. Know your balances without having to depend on the internet and never suffer unnecessary financial charges if you know you have the funds to spend. Why worry?

Shouldn’t managing money be easy? It is with our popular checkbook calculator with hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon!