Datexx Featured at the Frankfurt Paperworld Trend Show Showcase!

Datexx at PaperWorld Trend Show


Datexx announced its TrackBack calculator of the future at Frankfurt Paperworld and received great reception! The TrackBack remembers your calculation path, allowing you to easily and clearly verify and modify past entries on its 2-line alphanumerical display. No more re-dos! Eliminate calculation frustrations with the TrackBack, and focus your energy on what really matters!

The ever popular Time Cubes were also featured in the Trend Show. With no buttons or dials to set, the Time Cube lets you manage your many competing priorities with a simple turn of the cube. From learning, to meetings, fitness, cooking, and even downtime, just turn it and go!

Datexx’s Profit Manager

Profit Manager

In today’s fast moving world, making #quick #decisions in #buying and #selling can result in big differences in #profit. With faster #answers, you win the bid, and the profits come your way.

Datexx’s new #Profit #Manager is a must have decision making tool. Our custom made software and hardware was designed to make profit calculations easy. With just the use of 3 keys, the Profit Manager quickly provides you with the answer you need with clear labels on its alpha-numeric display, spelling out #COST, #SELL, or #MARGIN values. Stop wondering whether your calculation is correct and focus on what matters.

The Profit Manager even allows you to track back and review the last 1,000 entries to confirm or edit calculations. No more frustration in re-doing numbers!

Available for immediate purchase at

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ECRM Thank You


Thank you very much for meeting with us at the ECRM Electronics event in Atlanta. We truly enjoyed catching up and hearing more about how we can help you.

Our hot items this year all make great gift ideas, including our Digital Tire Gauge, Grilliant Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer, Sentina Emergency Light and Charger, Time Cubes, and 2-Line Calculators, and would make great additions to your line up!

Let us know how we can help you fulfill your customers’ needs!

New From Datexx -Take the Frustration out of Calculation

2 line calculators

New from Datexx – Shipping soon!

The 2-line Alpha Numerical calculator takes the frustration out of calculation! Review your calculation path on the 2 line screen. It remembers your numbers, tracks back, and allows corrections.

Making profit decision is simple, too! The Track Back clearly displays your values in easy to understand alpha-numerical text like: COST 100 SELL 250 MARGIN 60%

No more redoing important numbers over and over!

New from Datexx – Two Line Desktop Calculators

2 line calculators

Be sure of your numbers with TrackBack!

Multi-tasking and day-to-day distractions can cause plenty of confusion when performing long and complicated calculations. “Did I just type the same number twice?”, or “Did I hit the wrong number key by mistake?” are common thoughts that creep into our minds while calculating important numbers. Skip the uncertainy and eliminate the frustration of re-doing calculations with Datexx’s 2-Line Alphanumerical display calculator. The calculator series backtracks up to 1,000 entries, allowing you to verify your numbers and correct any mistakes. You can now be sure of your entries and worry about more important things!

Making profit decisions is easier, too, with its intuitive alphanumeric display that clearly spells out Cost, Sell, and Margin values.

Sample Available : June 15th, 2015

Shipment Available : June 30th, 2015