Maximize your BBQ with Datexx’s Grilliant Bluetooth Thermometer!

Maximize your BBQ!

Spring has sprung! And that means grilling season is right around the corner. Who can resist a good old fashioned BBQ while relaxing and catching up with friends and family? Let Datexx’s BB-77 Grilliant Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer help you focus more on the socializing rather than the cooking. Simply select the required meat to be grilled and how you want it cooked, then join the party. The Grilliant Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer syncs with your smartphone and will let you know when your meat is ready. So simple!

Watch how easy it is:

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Our hot items this year all make great gift ideas, including our Digital Tire Gauge, Grilliant Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer, Sentina Emergency Light and Charger, Time Cubes, and 2-Line Calculators, and would make great additions to your line up!

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AAA Motor Club is Now On Board With Datexx


Datexx Welcomes AAA Motor Club!

Datexx is proud to announce that AAA Motor Club has joined the winning team! They are now offering a range of our handy tools for the home and outdoor to their members.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift for BBQ Enthusiasts – In Stock Now!

fathers day

Just in time to get the Summer going, Datexx’s BB-77 is the perfect Father’s Day promotion for BBQ lovers. No more hovering around the grill watching the meat – just set Grilliant to the desired meat and how it should be cooked, then get back to watching the game. Grilliant will conveniently notify Dad on his smartphone when the meat is ready and feasting can begin.

With the BB-77, Dads can do what they enjoy on their special day – grill the perfect steak while relaxing around the house!

Introducing the Grilliant (BB-77) Bluetooth Thermometer with Smartphone App!

Introducing the Grilliant (BB-77) Bluetooth Thermometer with Smartphone App!
Throw your steak on the grill, choose how you want it, plug in Grilliant, then go hit the couch! The Grilliant will alert your smartphone when your steak is ready.
The Grilliant lets you choose the meat – beef/veal/pork/chicken/lamb, and how you want it cooked – rare/mediumrare/medium/well-done. When the meat is cooked to your liking, the BBiQ App will tell you when its time to eat!

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Availabile from: May 15, 2015
Production sample: April 30, 2015
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