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Simulate Profit + Controlled Time =  Effective Meetings!

Meetings are more effective when everybody is engaged in profit perspectives and when they don’t run longer than necessary.

Datexx’s profit tools help with hands-on profit simulation, while the TimeCube keeps everybody time conscious.

Results are at hand.

The Time Cube – The Perfect Companion to Time Blocking

The TimeCube is the perfect tool for today’s hectic world!

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In today’s fast paced world, finishing tasks can be a real challenge.  The concept of “Time Blocking” is becoming very popular and helpful in teaching people how to better manage their time and become more productive. According to the article Better Without Burnout – 10 Benefits You Get By Blocking Time by Roger Carr, “blocking time in your schedule for those activities you intend to accomplish is a simple but powerful technique.” This idea is catching on and people are using the TimeCube as the perfect companion.

The very popular blogger site www.theskinnyconfidential.com has recently written to their 200k+ followers about the importance of time blocking and how perfect the TimeCube is. Lauryn Evarts (the publisher of The Skinny Confidential) says:  “I’ve been doing this for the last six months everyday with a time cube & it’s been game-changing for my businesses.” Read her full blog here

The Time Cube is a hit and has over 1,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon.com. Check out why it’s to popular at our Time Cube site.

Datexx Featured at the Frankfurt Paperworld Trend Show Showcase!

Datexx at PaperWorld Trend Show


Datexx announced its TrackBack calculator of the future at Frankfurt Paperworld and received great reception! The TrackBack remembers your calculation path, allowing you to easily and clearly verify and modify past entries on its 2-line alphanumerical display. No more re-dos! Eliminate calculation frustrations with the TrackBack, and focus your energy on what really matters!

The ever popular Time Cubes were also featured in the Trend Show. With no buttons or dials to set, the Time Cube lets you manage your many competing priorities with a simple turn of the cube. From learning, to meetings, fitness, cooking, and even downtime, just turn it and go!

Take the Time to Feel Better with the TimeCube

Time Cube

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.  – Buddha

Taking time for oneself is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance in the fast paced world we live today. Whether through meditation, exercise, or personal primping and grooming, setting aside the time to work on feeling better provides vast benefits to our wellbeing.  The TimeCube is the perfect companion on the journey to a more enriched life. The TimeCube is simple to use, comes in a variety of time setting to match your needs, and gives you the quiet countdown you need while focusing on your health or beauty.

Just flip the colorful TimeCube face up to the amount of time allocated to your exercise routine, yoga session, or hair and skin treatments. The variety of uses of the TimeCube for your health and beauty are unlimited, and once the TimeCube is part of your daily routine, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Pick up a TimeCube today for yourself or loved ones, and give the gift of investing time in a more balanced life.

Available for immediate purchase at www.datexx.com

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A Must Have Tool For Teachers!

Teachers Campaign

In today’s classrooms many #teachers are seeking new approaches to #classroommanagement that not only work better, but also help to teach better lessons. The old days of just standing in front of a classroom and presenting material are fading away quickly. Nowadays, #students need more stimulation, along with the development of goal-setting and decision-making skills. That is why Datexx’s Time Cube has become an invaluable tool for #teachers to create a productive classroom environment.

The Time Cube is a simple, fun, and innovative timer that is perfect for the classroom. Teachers are using #TimeCubes for student centers, strengthening of reading and writing stamina, monitoring of individual student growth, and learning games. #SpecialEducation teachers are finding that the Time Cube is a great tool to help their students recognize and adhere to the allotted time during which each task should be completed. This allows for smoother transitions between #lessons or class periods.

How does the Time Cube work? They may very well be the simplest timers created. All you need to do is turn the Time Cube to the time or side you want. For example, if you want a time period of 5 minutes, turn the Time Cube to the side with the number 5, and the Time Cube begins to count down until five minutes is up. When your time is up, the Time Cube will beep until you flip it back to zero– it’s that simple.

Datexx sells thousands of cubes weekly, and have an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon. There are five models to choose from and they are available for immediate purchase at www.datexx.com. Let your #students just turn and learn with Time Cubes in your classroom!

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Top Consumer Reviews of the Time Cube!


5-Star Reviews on Amazon!

No programming needed! With a flip of the cube to your desired time, you can easily go about your daily responsibilities. When the timer beeps, another simple flip of the cube turns the timer off – no more fumbling around with hard to use buttons! The Time Cube comes in 5 fun colors with different time settings. It’s the perfect item to have at home and at work to help manage your countless tasks. From housework, the kids’ homework, chores, exercise, training, meetings, to naps… the possibilities are endless!

The Time Cube series is a big hit on Amazon with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating! Check out the reviews!