Review: Great Little Quick reminder (Teacher uses on her desk at school)

Gave as a stocking stuffer to my teacher sister-in-law and she LOVES it. She sets it for 30 minutes warning and then sets it for another 15 minutes (45 minute long tests in total) on her desk at school. She says that she has never had the students bring up their test papers so quickly as they do now that the bell rings… I use mine to remind me I’ve put something on the stove that is coming up to a boil so I don’t forget I’ve done that and have a boil over. Also great for quick naps instead of having to fiddle about with an alarm clock or have my phone battery worn down using an app.

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Review: Helps make “Math life” easier

I purchased the Jumbo Style Calculator for my 17 year old son,
who is taking Consumer Math for the summer. It has really helped
him in the class when working math problems. He really likes it a lot, and is continually saying “”Thank you”” for the purchase of it. It makes his “MATH LIFE” really easier.

Review: Awesome for kids (For homeschooling)

I homeschool and my oldest was having issues staying on task. With this he has finished on target way more than I expected! And it’s a cube…how can you not love it?! Given I have small hands, but it’s much bigger than I expected.

Review: Teacher Recommended

This has worked out great for me! I’m a teacher and there are many times during each class that I use it from the 5 minute bell ringer at the beginning of class, to the “One more minute to finish” and the occasional 5 minute time-outs I have to assign my most rambunctious students. It’s so simple to use and takes no time at all to set so there is no disruption of the class flow when I need to set it, just have to turn it over! Love it!

Review: Absolutely loved TimeCube

“We absolutely loved your first Red TimeCube timer: 5, 10, 20, 25. The TimeCube helped our 9th grade son, achieve academic success, in spite of his ADHD!

We loved it so much, we gave it to my sister, visiting from Germany. A High school teacher and mother, her daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD. “

TimeCubes for the Classroom

We have a new addition to the TimeCube family. Introducing the TimeCube Plus series with added features and functionalities including countdown pause and a quiet alarm, as requested by our biggest TimeCube fans!

Teachers love them because they’re the simplest tool to keep classrooms running smoothly. Check out a recent teacher review:

The timers are an instrumental piece to my classroom.  I use them on a daily basis.  I use them to time the students doing their warm-ups, picking up from the day, or packing up at the end of the day.  I also use the timers for stations, the timers let the students know when it is time to move on to the next activity.  This helps keep the classroom running smoothly and making sure that we are utilizing every available minute and that we are not running over our given time.  The timers are also used for “additional time” – if we are working on something and the students need a couple extra minutes, we use the timer to keep time.  The longer minute timers are for an entire class period – if they have an assignment that will take the entire time, I can use the 45 minute timer so the students can physically see how much time is left at a quick glance.  I LOVE these timer because they give us great increments and I’m not having to have my phone out or use stop watches – it is a very easy way to readily give a couple minutes and several minutes.  Also, the kids love the look of the timer, they think they are super fun!  They “fight” over who gets to flip the timers when they go off.

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Datexx TimeCubes® Complement Learning

Our TimeCubes® are a hit with teachers, schools, parents, and children of all ages. The cubes not only help teachers run their classrooms smoothly, but they also begin to teach children the important skill of time management in a fun and effective manner.

The TimeCube® is the world’s simplest timer and is highly rated at 4.1 stars, with over 1,200 reviews on Amazon with controlled MAP pricing.

They are also available through School Specialty, Educational Resources, Kurtz Brothers, ICM, and more!

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A Must Have Tool For Teachers!

Teachers Campaign

In today’s classrooms many #teachers are seeking new approaches to #classroommanagement that not only work better, but also help to teach better lessons. The old days of just standing in front of a classroom and presenting material are fading away quickly. Nowadays, #students need more stimulation, along with the development of goal-setting and decision-making skills. That is why Datexx’s Time Cube has become an invaluable tool for #teachers to create a productive classroom environment.

The Time Cube is a simple, fun, and innovative timer that is perfect for the classroom. Teachers are using #TimeCubes for student centers, strengthening of reading and writing stamina, monitoring of individual student growth, and learning games. #SpecialEducation teachers are finding that the Time Cube is a great tool to help their students recognize and adhere to the allotted time during which each task should be completed. This allows for smoother transitions between #lessons or class periods.

How does the Time Cube work? They may very well be the simplest timers created. All you need to do is turn the Time Cube to the time or side you want. For example, if you want a time period of 5 minutes, turn the Time Cube to the side with the number 5, and the Time Cube begins to count down until five minutes is up. When your time is up, the Time Cube will beep until you flip it back to zero– it’s that simple.

Datexx sells thousands of cubes weekly, and have an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon. There are five models to choose from and they are available for immediate purchase at Let your #students just turn and learn with Time Cubes in your classroom!

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