Datexx Featured at the Frankfurt Paperworld Trend Show Showcase!

Datexx at PaperWorld Trend Show


Datexx announced its TrackBack calculator of the future at Frankfurt Paperworld and received great reception! The TrackBack remembers your calculation path, allowing you to easily and clearly verify and modify past entries on its 2-line alphanumerical display. No more re-dos! Eliminate calculation frustrations with the TrackBack, and focus your energy on what really matters!

The ever popular Time Cubes were also featured in the Trend Show. With no buttons or dials to set, the Time Cube lets you manage your many competing priorities with a simple turn of the cube. From learning, to meetings, fitness, cooking, and even downtime, just turn it and go!

A Powerbank That Works When You Need It The Most!

The most reliable mobile powerbank!


How many times have you really needed your mobile device, such as your smartphone to show your mobile boarding pass as you’re about to board a flight, or your tablet to present findings to an important client, to find that the battery of your device is about to run out? Stress then starts gnawing at you as you worry about whether your device will last just a few more minutes until you board or the meeting is over. Perhaps you have a backup powerbank with you, but when you use it, the powerbank itself is out of power, and you feel annoyed as you wonder why you bothered carry that powerbank around.

With the PN-SP Supremo, you can forget these tense and inconvenient moments, and continue on with your busy life. The Supremo is the most powerful, reliable powerbank available on the market. With one full charge, the 8,400 mAH battery can fully charge your smartphone or tablet multiple times. Also, the Supremo was designed with our patented SmartJack technology that stops battery drainage. It will hold its charge for up to a year, so you can be sure it’ll perform during those crucial moments. You can also maintain peace of mind knowing that the Supremo was designed to prevent overheating and overcharging, keeping your mobile devices safe.

Why bother carrying around a powerbank that isn’t guaranteed to work? The Supremo is the only backup battery that can keep up with you!

Available for immediate purchase at

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Give the Gift of Road Safety with the SafetyOne

Give the gift of safety!

AAA recommends that drivers regularly check their vehicle’s tire pressure as it is crucial to safe vehicle handling, and that all drivers keep emergency tools on hand in case of an accident. Properly inflated tires not only optimize gasoline usage, in turn saving you money, but is also essential to road safety, providing the right traction especially during winter months. In case an emergency does occur, such as vehicle entrapment, having the right tools by your side can help you get out and avoid major injuries or worse.

Datexx’s SafetyOne All-in-One Digital Tire Gauge with Emergency Tools is the one-stop life saving device that addresses these real-life safety scenarios. Its digital tire gauge makes it easy to regularly check that your tires are properly inflated, and its built in glass breaker and seatbelt cutter will be available to help in an emergency situation. The SafetyOne also comes with a bright LED flashlight and emergency light to help you get noticed in such situations. The SafetyOne even provides handy tools such as a screwdriver and pliers to assist with minor roadside repairs. It’s a must have item for every glove compartment.

The SafetyOne is a great holiday gift item! Give the gift of road safety to your loved ones with the SafetyOne.

Available for immediate purchase on

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Take the Time to Feel Better with the TimeCube

Time Cube

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.  – Buddha

Taking time for oneself is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance in the fast paced world we live today. Whether through meditation, exercise, or personal primping and grooming, setting aside the time to work on feeling better provides vast benefits to our wellbeing.  The TimeCube is the perfect companion on the journey to a more enriched life. The TimeCube is simple to use, comes in a variety of time setting to match your needs, and gives you the quiet countdown you need while focusing on your health or beauty.

Just flip the colorful TimeCube face up to the amount of time allocated to your exercise routine, yoga session, or hair and skin treatments. The variety of uses of the TimeCube for your health and beauty are unlimited, and once the TimeCube is part of your daily routine, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Pick up a TimeCube today for yourself or loved ones, and give the gift of investing time in a more balanced life.

Available for immediate purchase at

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The Must Have Emergency Backup Tool


Imagine the #power going out and not having to fumble around looking for a #flashlight. Imagine that during this same power #outage, not having to worry about staying #connected to the outside world because your #smartphone is fully #charged. It is with this exact scenario in mind that Datexx has created the #ultimate #emergency #backup tool for your #home or #travel.

#LED-95 merges the technology of #Sentina, the best-selling #intelligent #safety #light, and #PowerNow, the most #reliable #mobile #charger. This #powerful #combination results in the most #dependable emergency #tool available today.

During power outages, the LED-95 will turn on #automatically, providing you with up to 24-hours of light. Leave it plugged in to #guide you around your #house or #hotel room, or simply remove it from the wall and use it as a flashlight. The LED-95 also has a built in 1 Amp #USB backup #battery (2,200 mAh) which will charge your smartphone so you can stay in touch with #family, #friends, and emergency #services. The battery is designed with Datexx’s patented #SmartJack #technology which stops battery #drainage and #holds its charged power for one year.

#Perfect for #everyday usage, as well, just plug the LED-95 into an outlet and it will automatically turn on its ultra-bright natural light when it #senses #motion at #dusk. The LED-95  also helps you #save #energy by shutting its light off when nobody is around.

The LED-95 is a must have emergency backup tool that won’t quit on you when you need it the most!

Available for immediate purchase at

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Keep Yourself Safe on the Road!

Safety One

With the #winter season just around the corner, inclement weather and longer nights become a real issue on the road. #Drivers must do whatever they can to be prepared and feel safe behind the wheel. With the SafteyOne All-in-One Digital Tire Gauge with Emergency Tools, drivers can feel secure and ready, knowing they have the right #safety tools on hand. Drivers can ensure correct tire pressure for #tire safety and maximal performance, and if they do get into a serious situation or accident, the added Emergency Tools of the SafetyOne can help.

The SafetyOne comes with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter to help escape your vehicle, as well as a bright LED flashlight and emergency light to ensure you will be noticed. The additional screwdrivers, scissors, and pliers will come in handy to help with roadside repairs. Fatalities and injuries caused by vehicle entrapment or blowouts are often avoidable with the proper preparation and tools. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe and prepared with the SafetyOne. Available for immediate purchase at

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Great Gift Ideas for Everyday Life

Gift Ideas

Datexx has a full collection of popular items for differing premium needs. We’re in stock now for your big season!

From the most reliable power banks, connected home lighting, time management tools, to kitchen, travel, auto, and outdoor gadgets, we have a wide variety of unique quality items to fit your customers’ requirements.

Come check out our categories and let us know how we can help you!

Top Consumer Reviews of the Time Cube!


5-Star Reviews on Amazon!

No programming needed! With a flip of the cube to your desired time, you can easily go about your daily responsibilities. When the timer beeps, another simple flip of the cube turns the timer off – no more fumbling around with hard to use buttons! The Time Cube comes in 5 fun colors with different time settings. It’s the perfect item to have at home and at work to help manage your countless tasks. From housework, the kids’ homework, chores, exercise, training, meetings, to naps… the possibilities are endless!

The Time Cube series is a big hit on Amazon with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating! Check out the reviews!

New from Datexx: Stay Safe on the Road with the AccuAir Digital Tire Gauge


A Summer Break Must Have!

Datexx’s new AccuAir Digital Tire Gauge (AA-48) is the must have safety item while on the road. This multi-function product is the one-stop life-saving tool for your car and RV. Not only does it check your tire pressure to ensure proper function, comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety, it has built-in tools to avoid entrapment and assist with emergencies.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and keep the AccuAir Digital Tire Gauge in your vehicle!