Just Turn It, And Learn!

Teachers are searching for innovative ways to help captivate their students’ attention while building learning confidence, stamina, and growth, with fun and motivating activities through learning games and student centers.

Datexx’s Time Cube is the exact tool teachers are looking for. It’s the easiest way to time block, encouraging focus by managing exercises and tasks, with a simple flip of a colorful timer.


Not only does the multi-functional Time Cube help children learn, but it also helps develop the ability to manage time, an incredibly important life skill.

Smart Cooking with the Time Cube Cooking Duo

Cooking isn’t always easy, especially when you have a complicated recipe. Forget fumbling around with traditional kitchen timers with the Time Cube Cooking Duo.

With the Time Cube, all you have to do is flip it and move on.

Even better – the Time Cubes are easy to clean, just wipe down with a cloth! It’s perfect for the kitchen!

Datexx Time Cubes Make Learning Easier!

Time Cubes are loved by parents and teachers to make learning a fun activity for children. With the Time Cubes, math drills are no longer daunting, but simple! Learning becomes a fun game with the simplest time coach.

We will be showing our beloved Time Cubes at the upcoming ECRM Educational Show in Georgia. Looking forward to seeing you then!