Review: Great Two Line Calculator

“Great calculator! I was surprised when I couldn’t find many simple small calculators that also gave the 2 line feature so I was glad this model was available, even though the price was a little high. The 2 line comes in very handy when you are calculating and want to see your history and then it allows you to also edit. I use it at my office and
he solar feature also works well. A good buy.”

Review: Easy to Carry

I purchased this calculator because I needed something that I could easily carry around with me in my briefcase everyday. This is a great, lightweight calculator! Larger than I anticipated, but it’s actually perfect because I am able to use the 10-key by touch only if I want to. Love the ability to scroll over and make changes to entries or delete mistakes rather than having to clear the entire string and start over. I use this every day for work, where accuracy is imperative. Highly recommended!

In-Store Greeter with Customized Banner -TrackBack

Customers need ideas to help make their lives easier. Let’s decorate your store’s front end with the solutions they need.

Take Datexx’s patented TrackBack Calculators as an example – customers can review and edit calculations, saving time and frustration from re-dos, which is all attractively communicated in a customizable tray header.

They are already top sellers in Albertson’s/Safeway and many other retailers!

Better Tools for School

Learning is easier with Datexx’s TrackBack calculators. The good news is they are selling very well with high turnover and greater profit!

Push for growth! 

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TrackBack Calculators – The Perfect Tool for Surging Businesses!

Back to business again! Let’s ride on business confidence and promote smart calculators that help customers save time and frustration.

No need to re-do calculations over and over after a mistake or distraction. Datexx’s patented TrackBack series is already a top seller in the Office Product industry.  Join the success and smile your way to the bank!

Todd – The Online Mogul with Datexx’s TrackBack Calculators

Datexx’s TrackBack calculators are the perfect tool to help customers become their own online sales expert. With just 3 keys, customers can easily calculate cost, profit, and margin – letting them make important business decisions quicker than others.

Check out the YouTube video below to see how Todd became an online mogul with our TrackBack calculator!

The TrackBack is a great investment tool for customers. See how it positively impacts your volume and bottom line, too!